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Car Harness Comfort
Car Harness Comfort
Car Harness Comfort

Car Harness Comfort

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Car Harness Comfort
made of robust nylon and webbing tape
can also be used for a daily walk
reflective parts
safety belt allows attachment at chest level
universal fixing loop suitable for all car types
comfortable to wear due to extra padding at neck, chest and belly
welded metal rings and metal slider
strain-relieved buckle
colour: black
Please note: For comprehensive accident protection, please use a fitted grid matching your car type. More information can be obtained from your car manufacturer

Size: S-M
Measurements: 40-55 cm/17 mm
Stomach circum.: 40-55 cm
for e.g.: West Highland White Terriers

Size: M
Measurements: 50-65 cm/20 mm
Stomach circum.: 50-65 cm
for e.g.: Border Collie
Size: L
Measurements: 65-80 cm/23 mm
Stomach circum.: 65-80 cm
for e.g.: Golden Retriever