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Full Creasy cat offers

Full Creasy cat offers


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45 JOD

The terrible offer is in a very limited quantity, for only 45 dinars
1- A very distinctive litterbox, accommodates a large size cat with a filter for the cat's feet when going out and a filter to absorb odors with a front opening for easy cleaning without the need to remove the cover
2- A very special Italian transport box in several colors, which accommodates a large cat
3- A special pad to prevent sand from splashing in the house and easy to clean
4- Eating high-quality Buna Kibo cats with its excellent ingredients Turkish industry for all ages and types of cats with different flavors weighing 2 kg
5- A special floor mattress with a distinctive texture, with the possibility of filling it through a back zip
6- Double dish to eat and water in several colors
7- A luxurious 5-liter sandbag with several fragrances
8- Premium hair brush
9- Free a special leash for cats in several colors, used for hiking