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Vitakraft cat grass

Vitakraft cat grass


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Vitakraft cat grass can be grown indoors and provides fresh succulent shoots for your cat to chew, helping them to eliminate hair balls

It is easy to grow Vitakraft premium cat grass and only takes a few days before it is ready for your cat to enjoy. Just follow our clear for step instructions
Cat grass stimulates digestion and helps cats to cough up hairballs in their stomachs, keeping your special friend healthy and happy
A premium food supplement which grows in enriched minerals soil without any chemical additives and is loved by al cats. This quality seed mix will allow you to feed your pet fresh, natural greenery at any time of the year which contains selected, highly germinable special seeds with high levels of vitamins, minerals and chlorophyll
Your cat will now be able to eat freshly grown grass in the comfort of home. No need to worry that they are eating contaminated grass outside which may cause them harm
Idea present for any cat lover