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Trixie muzzle flex small
Trixie muzzle flex small
Trixie muzzle flex small

Trixie muzzle flex small

10 JOD

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prevents biting
Panting, drinking and giving treats are easily possible
Particularly high wearing comfort thanks to the ergonomic fit, flexible and dimensionally stable silicone and neoprene-lined straps in the face and neck area
Breakout-proof thanks to 3-way fastening
infinitely adjustable forehead and neck straps as well as neck loops
with reflective stripes

Size: S
Head Strap: up to 20 cm
for e.g.: Jack Russell Terrier, Toy Poodle
Inner muzzle circumference: 19 cm

Size: M
Head Strap: up to 21 cm
for e.g.: Border Collie, Standard Schnauzer
Inner muzzle circumference: 25 cm

Size: M-L
Head Strap: up to 22 cm
for e.g.: Beagle, Dalmatian
Inner muzzle circumference: 27 cm

Size: L
Head Strap: up to 27 cm
for e.g.: German Shepherd, Labrador Retriever
Inner muzzle circumference: 31 cm

Size: L-XL
Head Strap: up to 30 cm
for e.g.: Bernese Mountain Dog, Golden Retriever
Inner muzzle circumference: 35 cm
Size: XL-XXL
Head Strap: up to 37 cm
for e.g.: Great Dane, Leonberger
Inner muzzle circumference: 39 cm