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Biovet vita_vim 100ml

Biovet vita_vim 100ml

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Vita Vim is a highly palatable yeast-based dietary supplement for the enhancement of water and feeds intake. The addition of Vita Vim to drinking water encourages consumptions during periods of heat stress, disease, and transport when birds and animals normally have reduced fluid intake. Vita Vim is particularly useful in promoting the intake of medicated drinking water as it makes the often-unpalatable taste and smells common to many medications.

A key component of Vita Vim is a concentrated yeast extract containing essential vitamins of the B group together with iron, magnesium, and other important trace elements. Protein is also present in this extract in the form of polypeptides and other short-chain molecules, facilitating the release of the amino acids necessary to maintain body tissues.

Dextrose and Lysin are additionally added for extra energy and normal body metabolism.