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REX ROLLING PAW CAT SCRATCHER (L) 65 x (H) 35 x (W) 21 cm
REX ROLLING PAW CAT SCRATCHER (L) 65 x (H) 35 x (W) 21 cm

REX ROLLING PAW CAT SCRATCHER (L) 65 x (H) 35 x (W) 21 cm

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Scratch and Play with the Rex Rolling Paw Cat ScratcherUnique Rolling DesignThe Rex Rolling Paw Cat Scratcher offers a unique rolling design that will not only fulfill your cat's scratching needs, but also provide them with endless entertainment. The rolling feature will keep your cat engaged and entertained for hours, making playtime even more enjoyable. Cats are playful and curious animals by nature. 
Durable MaterialThe scratcher is made with durable material, ensuring that it will last for a long time, even with frequent use. Your cat will be able to scratch and play without tearing or damaging the scratcher, making it a cost-effective solution for your cat's scratching needs.
Promotes Healthy Scratching BehaviorThe Rex Rolling Paw Cat Scratcher promotes healthy scratching behavior, which helps to keep your cat's claws healthy and maintained. By using this scratcher, you can reduce the risk of your cat damaging your furniture, making it a win-win for both you and your cat.
Use this post to encourage positive scratching behavior and protect your furniture and other valuables from being clawed. This engaging scratcher includes a plush bed on the side for your furry feline to snooze after play. Plus, they are sure to love the fluffy pompom too! Keep your kitty cat's claws healthy and their minds sharp with this floor cat scratcher! 
A Cost-Effective Solution for Your Cat's Scratching NeedsCat's instinctive need to scratch helps remove old nail sheaths from claws supporting important stretching, muscle toning and territory marking. This scratch post not only relieves stress, frustration and boredom, it positively promotes fitness by encouraging play and climbing activity. Fit, healthy and stimulated cats make happy, confident and entertaining companions.
Rolling Paw Cat Scratcher Features:Premium quality cat scratch toyEncourages good scratching behaviourKeeps claws healthyIt helps stretch, flex, and tone a variety of musclesRelieve kitty stress and frustrationLightweight and portableEasy to cleanMaterial: Plush, MDF & Sisal Approx. product dimensions: (L) 65 x (H) 35 x (W) 21 cm