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Optimeal wet food for cat ( kitten and sterlised) 3+1 free
Optimeal wet food for cat ( kitten and sterlised) 3+1 free

Optimeal wet food for cat ( kitten and sterlised) 3+1 free

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Set "Optimeal Adult Cats Sterilized Turkey & Chicken fillet" (3+1) Complete canned food for sterilized cats and neutered cats with turkey and chicken fillet in sauce.

High content of purified water
Balanced mineral content keeps the urinary tract healthy by producing urine with a low concentration of crystals and maintaining optimal pH
The special amino acid L-carnitine promotes the conversion of excess fat mass into energy and maintains the perfect figure of the cat
Fresh minced turkey meat provides your cat with high-quality, easily digestible animal protein, promotes healthy digestion
Contains Immunity Support Mix, beneficial herbs, berries & prebiotics
Omega 3 and 6, zinc, biotin help keep your cat's skin healthy and coat shiny
Contains 98% animal proteins
SUPER PREMIUM formula. The diet is made under the supervision of veterinarians using the technology of the Swiss company Swiss Pet Nutrition Group
A unique complex to support and strengthen the immune system Immunity Support Mix consists of:

Specially purified beta-glucans - improve the functioning of the immune system for a long life of the pet.

New generation prebiotic Actigen - normalizes the balance of beneficial intestinal microflora and ensures healthy digestion.

The natural antioxidant SubStar ULTRA based on rosemary, thanks to its antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties, prevents the destruction of body cells and diseases of pets.

OMEGA 3 and 6 / Zinc / Biotin - support healthy skin and a beautiful coat.