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Appetite Lamb Puppy Food 3KG

Appetite Lamb Puppy Food 3KG


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Appetite Lamb Puppy Food
Appetite Puppy Lamb Food 3KG

It is specially formulated for puppies to have a healthy growth period and to meet all their nutritional needs. It also helps the development of the immune system with its special content.

Nutrition Instruction; Start the food in the amounts indicated in the table. However, later on, you can change the amounts to be given according to your dog's appetite and condition. Your dog's nutritional needs may vary depending on age, breed, size, activity level and environmental conditions. The nutrition table is arranged according to the daily amount of food. By taking this table as a guide, you can feed your dog by dividing the appropriate amount according to the number of meals, at least 2 meals a day. Always have fresh and clean water available with the food. All dietary changes should be gradual. Store the product in a cool and dry environment.

Analytical Components; Crude protein 25%, Crude fat 14%, Crude ash 10%, Crude fiber 2.5%