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Opti meal Gf Dry For Adult Cats Duck & Veggies 4kg

Opti meal Gf Dry For Adult Cats Duck & Veggies 4kg

32 JOD

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Grain-free (gluten-free). Supports optimal weight of the cat and protects the digestive system from the strain
•  Reduces the risk of food allergies
• Fresh meat of a duck in the form of minced meat provides the cat with high quality easily digestible protein of animal origin
• Berries, herbs and vegetables in the food are a natural source of vitamins and vegetable fiber
• High vegetable content prevents the development of diabetes due to carbohydrates with low glycemic index
• Contains Immunity Support Mix complex for strengthening immunity
• Omega-3 and 6, zinc, biotin help keep the skin healthy, and fur shiny
• Contains 72.65% protein of animal origin
• SUPER PREMIUM formula. The diet is manufactured under the supervision of veterinarians using the technology of the Swiss company Swiss Pet Nutrition Group