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Natura sterilised 2k

Natura sterilised 2k

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Low-grain dry food for neutered cats with salmon, anchovies and blackberries, containing all the vitamins and minerals cats need.

NATURA neutered cat food is easily digested. It offers balanced and complete nutrition with its unique ingredients. Ideal for neutered cats. It helps cats to take vitamins, minerals and other nutrients correctly. Neutered cats become prone to urinary tract infection and stone formation due to excessive and unbalanced lubrication. NATURA Low Grain Sterilized Cat Food with Salmon, Anchovy & Cranberry offers both a delicious and a supporting structure for the excretory system. Maintaining neutered cats before their health deteriorates increases both their well-being and provides them with a peaceful life. It supports the intake of animal protein with its salmon and anchovy content. Thanks to the antioxidants it contains, it contributes to the circulation and immune system. It protects against infections with vitamin and mineral support.