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Over zoo oral hygiene dog treat
Over zoo oral hygiene dog treat

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Grain-free functional treats dedicated to dogs of all ages. The composition is based on turkey meat with the addition of sweet potatoes and game. The formula has been enriched with functional ingredients, such as sodium hexametaphosphate and green tea extract, supporting the maintenance of teeth in good condition, activated carbon and peppermint to help maintain white teeth and fresh breath from the mouth. The highest quality ingredients were used for the production of delicacies. The delicacies do not contain grains, artificial colors and preservatives.
Meat content:
61% turkey
4% game

activated carbon helps to keep the teeth white and prevents unpleasant odors from the mouth

Sodium hexametaphosphate slows down the formation of tartar

green tea extract helps to inhibit the growth of bacteria and prevents the appearance of cavities in the teeth

Peppermint helps to neutralize bad breath

without the addition of cereals, delicacies suitable for animals with intolerance or hypersensitivity to cereals

no artificial colors or preservatives